Albanian Orthodox Archdiocese

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Organization Information Record Year 2016

Name: Albanian Orthodox Archdiocese
Denomination type: Eastern Orthodox Churches
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Description: The Albanian Orthodox Church in America traces its origins to the groups of Albanian immigrants which first arrived in the United States in 1886, seeking religious, cultural and economic freedoms denied them in the homeland.
In 1908 in Boston, the Rev. Fan Stylian Noli (later Archbishop) served the first liturgy in the Albanian language in 500 years, to which Orthodox Albanians rallied, forming their own diocese in 1919. Parishes began to spring up throughout New England and the Mid-Atlantic and Great Lakes states. In 1922, clergy from the United States traveled to Albania to proclaim the self-governance of the Orthodox Church in the homeland at the Congress of Berat.
In 1971 the Albanian Archdiocese sought and gained union with the Orthodox Church in America, expressing the desire to expand the Orthodox witness to America at large, giving it an indigenous character. The Albanian Archdiocese remains vigilant for its brothers and sisters in the homeland and serves as an important resource for human rights issues and Albanian affairs, in addition to its programs for youth, theological education, vocational interest programs and retreats for young adults and women.

Contact Information Record Year 2016

Address: 523 E Broadway
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City: South Boston
State: Massachusetts
Zip Code: 02127-4415
Country: United States
Phone: 617-268-1275

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Attesting Officer Record Year 2016

Name: Arthur Liolin
Position: Chancellor
Phone: 617-268-1275

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