Apostolic Faith Mission of Portland, Oregon

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Organization Information Record Year 2016

Name: Apostolic Faith Mission of Portland, Oregon
Denomination type: Pentecostal Bodies
Year Reporting: 2017
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Description: The Apostolic Faith Mission of Portland, Oregon, was founded in 1907. It had its beginning in the Latter Rain outpouring on Azusa Street in Los Angeles in 1906.

Some of the main doctrines are justification by faith which is a spiritual new birth, as Jesus told Nicodemus and as Martin Luther proclaimed in the Great Reformation; sanctification, a second definite work of grace; the Wesleyan teaching of holiness; the baptism of the Holy Ghost as experienced on the Day of Pentecost and again poured out at the beginning of the Latter Rain revival in Los Angeles.
Mrs. Florence L. Crawford, who had received the baptism of the Holy Ghost in Los Angeles, brought this Latter Rain message to Portland on Christmas Day 1906. It has spread to the world by means of literature which is still published and shared everywhere without a subscription price. Collections are never taken in the meetings and the public is not asked for money.

Camp meetings have been held annually in Portland, Oregon since 1907, with delegations coming from around the world.

Missionaries from the Portland headquarters have established churches in Europe, Asia, South America, and many countries in Africa.

Contact Information Record Year 2016

Address: 6615 SE 52nd Ave.
Address line 2:
City: Portland
State: Oregon
Zip Code: 97206
Country: United States
Phone: (503)777-1741

Media Contact Record Year 2016

Name: Superintendent, Darrel D. Lee
Phone: n/a
Email: n/a

Attesting Officer Record Year 2016

Name: Rev. Darrell D. Lee
Position: President
Phone: (503)777-1741

Membership & Attendance Record Year 2016

Full Communicants: 0
Other Members: 0
Total Inclusive Members: 0
Total Churches: 59
Average Attendance: 0
Membership Calculation Method: Estimate

Clergy Record Year 2016

Serving Churches: 59
Other Service to the Church: 0
Retired: 0
Total Clergy: 59

Religious Education Record Year 2016

Total Schools: 59
Pupils: 0
Staff: 0
Total Individuals: 0

Finance Record Year 2016

Total Benevolences: $0.00
Total Giving Local Expense: $0.00
Total Financial: $0
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