Cumberland Presbyterian Church in America

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Organization Information Record Year 2016

Name: Cumberland Presbyterian Church in America
Denomination type: Presbyterian Bodies
Year Reporting: 2010
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Description: This church, originally known as the Colored Cumberland Presbyterian Church, was formed in May 1874. In May 1869, at the General Assembly meeting in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Moses Weir of the Black delegation sucessfully appealed for help in organizing a separate African church so that- Blacks could learn self-reliance and independence; they could have more financial assistance; they could minister more effectively among Blacks; and they could worship close to the altar, not in the balconies. He requested that the Cumberland Presbyterian Church organize Blacks into presbyteries and synods, develop schools to train black clergy, grant loans to assist Blacks to secure hymnbooks, Bibles and church buildings and establish a separate General Assembly.
In 1874 the first General Assembly of the Colored Cumberland Presbyterian Church met in Nashville. The moderator was Rev. P. Price and the stated clerk was Elder John Humphrey.
The denomination?s General Assembly, the national governing body, is organized around its three program boards and agencies-Finance, Publication and Christian Education, and Missions and Evangelism. Other agencies of the General Assembly are under these three program boards.
The church has four synods (Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee and Texas), 15 presbyteries and 153 congregations. The CPC extends as far north as Cleveland, Ohio, and Chicago, as far west as Marshalltown, Iowa, and Dallas, TX., and as far south as Selma, Ala.

Contact Information Record Year 2016

Address: 8207 Traditional Place
Address line 2:
City: Cordova
State: Tennessee
Zip Code: 38016
Country: United States
Phone: (205)536-7481

Media Contact Record Year 2016

Name: Stated Clk., Rev. Dr. Robert. Stanley Wood
Phone: n/a
Email: n/a

Attesting Officer Record Year 2016

Name: Michael G. Sharpe
Position: Stated Clerk
Phone: (901)276-4572

Membership & Attendance Record Year 2016

Full Communicants: 71,809
Other Members: 358
Total Inclusive Members: 72,167
Total Churches: 657
Average Attendance: 0
Membership Calculation Method: Census

Clergy Record Year 2016

Serving Churches: 0
Other Service to the Church: 0
Retired: 0
Total Clergy: 0

Religious Education Record Year 2016

Total Schools: 0
Pupils: 0
Staff: 0
Total Individuals: 0

Finance Record Year 2016

Total Benevolences: $9,412,929.00
Total Giving Local Expense: $43,118,256.00
Total Financial: $5,253,118,500
Receipts/Expenditures: Receipts