Jehovah's Witnesses

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Organization Information Record Year 2016

Name: Jehovah's Witnesses
Denomination type:
Year Reporting: 2010
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Description: Modern-day Jehovah?s Witnesses began in the early 1870s when Charles Taze Russell was the leader of a Bible study group in Allegheny City, Pennsylvania. In July 1879, the first issue of Zion?s Watch Tower and Herald of Christ?s Presence (now called The Watchtower which is published in 188 languages with a circulation of 42,162,000 appeared. In 1884 Zion?s Watch Tower Tract Society was incorporated, later changed to Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society. Congregations spread into other states and countries, and followers witnessed from house to house.
By 1913, printed sermons were in four languages in 3,000 newspapers in the United States, Canada and Europe. Hundreds of millions of books, booklets and tracts were distributed. Publication of the magazine now known as Awake! Began in 1919. Today, it is published in more than 80 languages and has a circulation of upwards of 38,451,000. In 1931 the name Jehovah?s Witnesses, based on Isaiah 43 vs.10-12, was adopted.
During the 1930s and 1940s, and as recently as 2002, Jehovah?s Witnesses fought many court cases in the interest of preserving freedom of speech, press, assembly and worship. They have won a total of 50 cases before the United States Supreme Court. A missionary training school was established in 1943, and it has been a major factor in the international expansion of the Witnesses. There are now 7.5 million Witnesses in 236 lands.
Jehovah?s Witnesses believe in one almighty God, Jehovah, who is the Creator of all things. They believe in Jesus Christ as God?s Son, the first of His creations. While Jesus is now an immortal spirit in heaven, ruling as King of God?s Kingdom, he is still subject to his heavenly Father, Jehovah God. Christ?s human life was sacrificed as a ransom to open up for obedient mankind the opportunity of eternal life. With Christ in heaven, 144,000 individuals chosen from among mankind will rule in righteousness over an unnumbered great crowd who will survive the destruction of wickedness and receive salvation into an earth cleansed of evil. (Rev. Ch.7 vs.9, 10; Ch.14 vs.1-5). These, along with the resurrected dead, will transform the earth into a global earthly paradise and will have the prospect of living forever on it.

Contact Information Record Year 2016

Address: 900 Red Mills Rd
Address line 2:
State: New York
Zip Code: 12589
Country: United States
Phone: n/a

Media Contact Record Year 2016

Name: Office of Public Information, J. R. Brown
Phone: n/a
Email: n/a

Attesting Officer Record Year 2016

Name: Mr. James N. Pellechia
Position: Associate Editor

Membership & Attendance Record Year 2016

Full Communicants: 1,184,249
Other Members: 0
Total Inclusive Members: 1,184,249
Total Churches: 12,728
Average Attendance: 1,313,706
Membership Calculation Method: Census

Clergy Record Year 2016

Serving Churches: 2,464
Other Service to the Church: 922
Retired: 1,851
Total Clergy: 5,237

Religious Education Record Year 2016

Total Schools: 1,008
Pupils: 90,815
Staff: 5,971
Total Individuals: 96,786

Finance Record Year 2016

Total Benevolences: $0.00
Total Giving Local Expense: $0.00
Total Financial: $0
Receipts/Expenditures: Expenditures