Canadian Bible Society

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Organization Information Record Year 2016

Name: Canadian Bible Society
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Description: The Canadian Bible Society is a non-denominational and inter-confessional organization that exists to translate, publish, distribute and encourage the use of the Scriptures, without doctrinal note or comment. Bible Society work was begun in Canada in 1804 by the British and Foreign Bible Society. In 1906, the various auxiliaries of the British and Foreign Bible Society joined together to form the Canadian Bible Society. Today, the Canadian Bible Society has 5 district offices across Canada, a French Services Office in Montreal, and a National Support and Scripture Translations Office in Toronto. Additionally, the Bermuda Bible Society is constituted as an Associate District of the Canadian Bible Society. The Society holds quarterly Board meetings involving one elected representative from each of the districts and from the francophone sector. About 90% of the Society's revenue comes through the generosity of Canadian supporters in the form of donations, bequests and annuity income. Through the Canadian Bible Society's membership in the United Bible Societies' fellowship, over 418 million Bibles, Testaments and Portions were distributed globally in 2015, working in over 200 countries and territories.

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Address: 10 Carnforth Rd
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City: Toronto
Zip Code: M4A 2S4
Country: Canada
Phone: 416.757.4171

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Name: David Clubine
Position: Communications Manager