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Evangelical Mennonite Mission Conference

This group was founded in 1936 as the Rudnerweider Mennonite Church in Southern Manitoba and organized as the Evangelical Mennonite Mission Conference in 1959. It was incorporated in 1962. The Annual Conference meeting is held in July.

Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability

Founded in 1979, the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) has the purpose of helping Christ-centered, evangelical, churches and other nonprofit organizations earn the public?s trust through their ethical practices and financial...

Evangelical Fellowship of Canada

The Fellowship was formed in 1964. There are 31 denominations, 124 organizations, 1,200 local churches and 11,000 individual members. Its purposes are, ?Fellowship in the gospel? (Phil. Ch.1 vs.5), ?the defence and confirmation of the gospel?...

Ellen G. White Estate, Inc.

Records include letters and manuscripts (1840s to 1915), pamphlets and publications, and the White papers.

Emmanuel School of Religion Library

Materials related to the Stone-Campbell/Restoration Movement tradition. Collection includes items from the Christian Church and Churches of Christ, the a cappella Churches of Christ, and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

Evangelical and Reformed Historical Society

Manuscripts and transcriptions of early German Reformed Church (U.S.) 1725-1863; Reformed Church in the United States 1863-1934, and Evangelical and Reformed Church 1934-1957 records of coetus, synods, and classes, pastoral records, and personal...

Elon University Library

Collection of membership records and other archival material on the predecessor churches of the UCC: Christian Church and the Southern Conference of the Christian Church; also maintains records of churches that no longer exist.