The Columbia Partnership, Inc.

The Columbia Partnership, Inc.

332 Valley Springs Rd
Columbia, SC 29223-6934
United States

Attesting Officer
George Bullard
Vice President and Strategic Coordinator

Media Contact
Dr. George Bullard

34.1155375, -80.8944195

Organized in 2005, The Columbia Partnership [TCP] is a non-profit Christian ministry that seeks to transform the capacity of the North American Church to pursue and sustain vital Christ-centered ministry. It works with lay and clergy leaders, congregations, denominations, and parachurch organizations to empower them to experience greater vitality and vibrancy in the fulfillment of their ministry vision. The 12 members of the TCP Ministry Community have worked with several thousand clients in approximately 50 denominations throughout North America.

The work and ministry of TCP is divided into teams around five emphases: Coaching Leaders, Funding Ministry, Sharing Knowledge, Transforming Congregations, and Transforming Denominations. A core value of TCP is that rather than doing something programmatic to religious organizations, it is much better to come alongside and join them in their journey using processes that increase their capacity to serve, and thus their vitality and vibrancy. Included in the Sharing Knowledge emphasis of TCP is a partnership with Chalice Press in St. Louis, MO which publishes books in the TCP Leadership Series, and digital manuscripts known as Chalice Pages. Also, TCP is in partnership with Northern Seminary in the Chicago, IL area to provide distance learning experiences for people in ministry, including two Doctor of Ministry degrees, one in Transforming Congregations and one in Transforming Denominations.

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