Founded in 1916, The Yearbook of American & Canadian Churches (The Yearbook) is the definitive handbook of North American denominations. Over our 100 year history, The Yearbook has remained an authoritative source for the most accurate and complete compilation of statistical data for North American religious bodies. We have been trusted by the United States Census Bureau for their ranking of largest religious groups and by the Encyclopedia Britannica for their listing of largest churches in the United States.

Interactive Application

Now an interactive online application, The Yearbook continues to catalog census information for 288 denominational religious bodies. As of 2012, the Yearbook represents 176 million faithful members, over 600,000 clergy, over 300,000 congregations, over 350,000 educational bodies, and more than $14 trillion in total financial commitment. Each listing contains a brief paragraph about the religious body, contact information for the group, and informative graphs detailing current and historical statistical data.

Trusted Oversight

The Yearbook is overseen by the Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies (ASARB) in partnership with the National Council of Churches and Lake Institute on Faith & Giving. We invite you to join us by adding data for your religious group, becoming an ASARB member or making a contribution to our cause. Find out how to join by clicking here.





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