The Church of God

The Church of God

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Charleston, TN 37310
United States

Attesting Officer
Pastor Johann Huleatt
Community Outreach Director

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The Church of God was established in about 28 A.D. by Jesus Christ on Mt. Kurn Hattin (Mark 3:13-15). It was endued with power on the Day of Pentecost, but was in operation prior to this point in time.

The true Church plunged into the Dark Ages on June 14th, 325 A.D. with the signing of the "Nicene Creed" and remained in darkness for 1578 years. From 325 A.D. to 1903, God was not asleep! He began revealing the truth to men once again: Martin Luther -- justification by faith; John Wesley -- sanctification; Dr. Albert Simpson -- divine healing; (though some received the Holy Ghost prior to 1903, it is generally regarded the Pentecostal Movement began with a Holy Ghost revival in California in 1906 -- Dr. Seymour).

On June 13,1903 The Church arose from darkness (as prophesied by Isaiah 60:1-5) in North Carolina. In 1923 a disruption caused a split in the Church, resulting in two groups both calling themselves the Church of God. In 1933 God gave the banner (Psalms 60:3, 4), the Church flag, to His Church; to those who feared Him too much to be led astray from the truth. (August 31, 2001 the Holy Ghost gave a new design for the banner of truth.)

On May 2nd, 1952 "of Prophecy" was added to the name Church of God. In 1990, the Church of God of Prophecy departed from theocratic government. Through the Holy Ghost, God called for a Solemn Assembly to be held July 23-25, 1993. On July 24th, the Holy Ghost gave direction to separate ourselves from the apostasy of the past three years, and to continue truly as The Church of God, clearly designating Robert J. Pruitt as the General Overseer. The Church of God thus returned to the true theocracy.

This constituted not a new organization, but the reorganization of The Church of God as the true theocracy of God, the exclusive Body of Christ:
1. Which was set in order by Christ and functioned in theocratic order until A.D. 325;
2. Which arose from the Dark Ages on June 13, 1903;
3. Which continued true to God in "faith and practice, government and discipline" following the 1923 disruption;
4. Which is doing likewise since the similar disruption in 1993.

Details of the future are, of course, unknown; but the prophecies of God are clear concerning His Church. The hour is late, but the brightness of the "Arise, Shine" lies just ahead. Without a doubt, perfection will be attained, for it has already been declared of the Church that Christ will "present it unto himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish." (Ephesians 5:27; see also Revelations 19:6-9).

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