North American Baptist Fellowship

North American Baptist Fellowship

405 N. Washington St., Suite 300
Falls Church, VA 22046
United States

Attesting Officer
Elijah Brown
General Secretary, NABF

Media Contact
Dr. George Bullard

38.8861021, -77.1667152

Organized in 1964, the North American Baptist Fellowship (NABF) is a voluntary organization of Baptist conventions and conferences, and other Baptist-related groups in Canada and the United States. It functions as one of the six regional bodies of the Baptist World Alliance. Its objectives are, (a) to promote fellowship and cooperation among Baptists in North America and (b) to further the aims and objectives of the Baptist World Alliance so far as these affect the life of the Baptist churches in North America. Its membership, however, is not identical with the North American membership of the Baptist World Alliance as various Baptist groups may affiliate with NABF who are not seeking membership in the Baptist World Alliance.
Church membership of the NABF bodies is more than 15 million.
The NABF assembles representatives of the member bodies twice each year for fellowship, dialogue, and strategic action. It develops networks around special interest areas that encourage the various member bodies to engage in synergistic efforts in areas of ministry such as disaster response, church planting movements, developing creative futures for denominations, the ministry of men, women, and youth, strengthening the identity of Baptists in North America, and in the traditional areas of support for evangelism, missions, and theological education. It also engages in partnership efforts with the other five regions of the Baptist World Alliance.

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