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The Yearbook of American & Canadian Churches (The Yearbook) has served as the definitive handbook of North American denominations since 1916. Over our 100 year history, The Yearbook has remained an authoritative source for the most accurate and complete compilation of statistical data for North American religious bodies. Please see our “About the Yearbook” page for more information.

Since 1916, The Yearbook has relied on data provided by official denominational representatives for each religious body.

In partnership with the National Council of Churches and Lake Institute on Faith & Giving, the Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies (ASARB) is responsible for The Yearbook. ASARB brings together data collectors from American faith groups and academics interested in American religious life. As a body, ASARB sponsors the decadal U.S. Religion Census, The Yearbook of American and Canadian Churches, and reports comparable statistics to the organization annually. We invite you to become a member by contacting us at

Authorized representatives from each group may update yearly information at any time. Therefore, the latest information we have is immediately available online. 

While data tables are publicly available, only the authorized representative from each group has access to change Yearbook data for their group. We welcome the public to search, view, and interact with data tables. Corrections and other suggestions should be directed to

We invite you to explore our rich database in one of three ways! Visit the Yearbook Directory to look for a specific religious body by name using either the search tool or the religious taxonomy provided on the left hand side of the page. Visit the Interactive Charts and Maps page to dig deeper into the data for a specific religious body, compare multiple religious bodies or groups, or look to see the locations of denominational headquarters or archives. In the Analysis and Historical Data section we provide access to previous printed editions of the Yearbook as well as analysis. 

A note for academics:

We invite you to analyze our data. Visit our Academic Resources section to download comprehensive statistical tables.

If your religious body is not listed and you would like to add it to the Yearbook, please click here.

The Yearbook is a volunteer effort of The Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies. We are supported by grant funds and voluntary donations. If you benefit from this service, we welcome your contributions using our donation page. Thank you!

We'd love to hear from you. Contact us directly at Thanks!

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