InterVarsity Christian Fellowship of the U.S.A.

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship of the U.S.A.

PO Box 7895
Madison, WI 53707
United States

Attesting Officer
Joshua Hall
Director of Development

Media Contact
Gordon Govier

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InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is a nonprofit, interdenominational student movement that ministers to college and university students and faculty in the United States. InterVarsity began in the United States when students at the University of Michigan invited C. Stacey Woods, then General Secretary of the Canadian movement, to help establish an InterVarsity chapter on their campus. InterVarsity Christian Fellowship-USA was incorporated two years later, in 1941.
InterVarsity's uniqueness as a campus ministry lies in the fact that it is student-initiated and student-led. InterVarsity strives to build collegiate fellowships that engage their campus with the gospel of Jesus Christ and develop disciples who live out biblical values. InterVarsity students and faculty are encouraged in evangelism, spiritual discipleship, serving the church, multiethnicity, righteousness, vocational stewardship and world evangelization. The Urbana triennial missions convention has long been a launching point for missionary service. For more detials on urbana please visit

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